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Buying Tires Online

Hey folks,

We get calls regularly asking whether we can mount, balance, and/or install tires that are purchased elsewhere.  We understand how much of a pain this can be for you since most shops will refuse to install them.  While the answer is NO, I’ll take a moment to explain why.  We cannot verify the quality of a tire we did not sell you.  Therefore we would be foolish to accept the liability of installing them.  Customers always say, “I would tell the insurance company you didn’t sell the tire to me.”  Unfortunately, the insurance company doesn’t care. They are simply looking for someone to blame so they don’t have to pay a claim.  They automatically go back to the last place the bike was serviced or in the case of a tire, where it was mounted, balanced, or installed.  You as a consumer have no influence over who the insurance companies and their lawyers choose to sue.  So next time you go tire shopping online, you might want to plan for the installation in advance.  Do you really save any money when you have to spend your valuable time looking for a shop to install them???   Another valid point is that maybe you should support your local businesses.  Who owns the website you’ve been buying from?  Where does the money go?  How can they sell tires so cheap?  What do you do if you have a warranty problem?  Just food for thought.

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